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Employee Spotlight – Paul Bourgeois, Ph.D., C.R.C., N.C.C.

December 21, 2023

Paul Bourgeois, Ph.D., C.R.C., N.C.C. is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and National Certified Counselor.

Paul received a doctorate in rehabilitation counselor education at the University of Arizona. He earned a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation and disability studies from Springfield College.

Paul has over a decade of experience as a professor, researcher, rehabilitation counselor, and vocational consultant. In addition to his work with Vocational Diagnostics Inc., Paul is a tenured associate professor at the University of New Haven in the Department of Psychology.

Paul is an active researcher with scholarly articles published in a variety of refereed journals. Paul is a frequent speaker to counseling, rehabilitation, and disability related groups and professional organizations.

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