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Lela McGee v. Target Corporation

December 21, 2023

In March 2019, Plaintiff Lela McGee claimed that she was involved in a trip and fall accident at a Target department store. Aubrey Corwin, M.S., L.P.C., C.R.C., C.L.C.P., CEO/Vocational Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning Expert of Vocational Diagnostics, Inc. (VDI), was retained by Defense counsel to assess Ms. McGee’s claim for lost earning capacity and wages, as well as her future medical care needs and associated costs, due to injuries allegedly sustained in the subject accident. Following a videoconference clinical interview with the Plaintiff and thorough review of records, it was determined that regardless of any alleged injury Plaintiff had sustained, her labor force participation for the better part of a decade had been zero, and therefore she had sustained no losses in earning capacity or wages due to the subject accident. In addition, given all relevant medical documentation, Plaintiff had been placed under no objective work restrictions. With regard to the future medical care and associated costs, Ms. Corwin did a rebuttal and cost comparison to the unreliable and inflated Plaintiff Life Care Plan. The case went to trial in Nevada Federal Court in June of 2023 where Ms. Corwin testified to her opinions. After jury deliberation, the Defense received full judgement and the Plaintiff was not awarded any monetary damages, a notable and tremendous success for the trial team.

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