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Virginia Brannon v. Larry Gene Hudson, Jr.

September 11, 2023

Plaintiff Virginia Brannon was in a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle collision in July of 2019, in which she sustained a traumatic brain injury that led to permanent cognitive disfunction. She also sustained multiple orthopedic injuries, leaving her with chronic pain. Aubrey Corwin, M.S., L.P.C., C.R.C., C.L.C.P., Director and CEO of VDI was hired on behalf of Ms. Brannon to determine if she had sustained any loss of earning capacity or wages due to the injuries she sustained in the subject accident. The opinion of Ms. Brannon’s treating physicians, as well as retained medical experts, was that she was experiencing several different issues to include vestibular imbalance, short-term memory and concentration problems, and neck and lower back pain, among others. These issues drastically affected her ability to work in the competitive labor market, particularly in her highly specialized field. Ms. Corwin and her team determined through a review of records, a clinical interview with the Plaintiff and conferences with peers in her field, and reliance on widely accepted and reviewed methodologies that she would no longer be able to transition from the public to private sector at the time of her retirement as she intended, and would therefore suffer a significant loss of earning capacity and future wages. This case did go to trial, where Ms. Corwin testified to her earning capacity and wage loss opinions, and the jury verdict was $2,974,000 in favor of Ms. Brannon. This proved to be a resounding success for Ms. Corwin and the VDI team.

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