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Johnny Galligan, et al. v. Andrew Snider, M.D., et al.

September 11, 2023

In February 2013, Alina Galligan gave birth to a son, Johnny, at Ashland Hospital in Wisconsin. Within days of his birth, Johnny’s health took a dramatic downturn and he was diagnosed with late Group B strep meningitis and seizure activity due to the medical negligence of the treating physician and failure to timely diagnose and treat his conditions by the hospital staff. These conditions left him severely and permanently disabled, and his parents responsible for his around-the-clock care. Michele Albers, M.S., L.P.C., C.R.C., C.L.C.P., Vocational and Life Care Planning Expert, was retained by Plaintiff’s attorney at Friedman Rubin to assess Johnny’s ability to work and earn wages given the injuries he sustained, as well as create a Life Care Plan to provide charges for the significant future medical care he will need for the remainder of his life expectancy. Ms. Albers provided an in-depth and extensive expert report for Plaintiffs, supplemental opinions, and rebuttal opinions to the opposing expert throughout the course of the case. She was also deposed on the case, and when settlement negotiations failed, called to testify in-person at trial. A Bayfield County, WI jury awarded the family $19 million in an astounding Plaintiff verdict. This resolution will provide the family with the ability and opportunity to give Johnny the care he needs.

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