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Jesse Mannix, et al. v. Manatee Memorial Hospital, L.P., et al.

May 11, 2023

Plaintiff Jesse Mannix claimed alleged medical negligence/malpractice in August 2018 led to a stroke, resulting in an inability to work and earn wages in the competitive labor force. Aubrey Corwin and VDI were hired on behalf of the Defendants by La Cava & Jacobson, P.A. to determine if Plaintiff had sustained any loss of earning capacity due to the alleged medical negligence. The opinion of retained medical experts was that the stroke Plaintiff experienced was not the result of alleged medical negligence and would have occurred regardless of any medical intervention or lack thereof. Ms. Corwin and her team determined through a thorough review of records, a clinical interview and vocational testing with the Plaintiff, and reliance on published, peer reviewed methodologies, that though his physical functional capacity was impacted by the stroke, he retained the necessary skills to work. His visual deficits arising from the stroke would have necessitated a change in occupation notwithstanding any claims of alleged medical negligence; fortunately, Plaintiff possessed many transferable skills. Ms. Corwin opined that with the assistance of a vocational rehabilitation counselor, Plaintiff could explore his work-related interests, abilities, and values with the goal of identifying and pursuing alternative career opportunities. These facts were presented at trial and a Defense verdict was rendered. This outcome was an accomplishment for the entire VDI team.

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