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Director Spotlight

June 3, 2022

Meet the Director of Vocational Diagnostics, Inc.

My name is Aubrey Corwin, the Director of Vocational Diagnostics, Inc. (VDI). I’ve been with the firm since 2006, and took over as Director in 2018. I am a vocational rehabilitation and life care planning expert. Our firm is retained to perform evaluation of earning capacity and life care planning for cases involving personal injury (to include catastrophic injury), medical negligence/malpractice, pediatrics, birth injury, toxic torts, environmental injury, product liability, labor and employment, and family law/domestic relations. We are retained by both Plaintiff and Defense firms. The field of damages assessment has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. VDI looks forward to continuing to educate attorneys on how we can best be of use to their cases as it relates to claims for damages.

My professional background is varied and diverse. Prior to joining VDI, I was an adjunct Spanish faculty member at various community colleges. I was also employed as a high school counselor; rehabilitation counselor; therapist; and worked doing community mental health, primarily working with underserved populations. My husband and I, along with our two children and dogs, call Boulder, CO home. We spend any free time we have outdoors, hiking, skiing, biking, and traveling.

VDI is so thrilled to introduce this newsletter, a labor of love that we hope will make information and research about our niche industry a little more accessible – and interesting! Stay tuned, as we will be providing quarterly updates, links to our blog posts and other social media so we can stay connected with attorneys and other rehabilitation professionals.

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