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February 15, 2017

After over 10,000 cases and more than 30 years in venues all over the United States and Canada, working equally for plaintiff and defense attorneys over this time and consulting and testifying from coast-to-coast, we know our way around the litigation arena. We love working on cases in federal court and where the Daubert/Kumho standard for expert witness testimony is required. Why? Because we know what it takes to offer expert testimony that is admissible and recognize what is not.

You know what they are. We know how to evaluate them:

  • Past lost income
  • Future lost earning capacity
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical and non-medical care expenses
  • Lost ability to perform household services
  • Earning capacity evaluations
  • Life Care Plans

There is a reason why our experts are called on to evaluate the most complex, difficult and contentious cases imaginable. Why? We know our stuff. We know how to develop a damages case and destroy one when an expert has taken the “ipse dixit” approach and has no foundation for their opinions.

Our team of vocational rehabilitation and life care planning experts are published. We have held national offices with professional associations. We work cooperatively with other forensic economic and medical experts to fully and properly evaluate damages in a personal injury, medical negligence and labor cases. We are experienced. And we know what we are doing. As one of the largest firms in the country specializing in comprehensive damages assessment, our team has the ability to handle the “RUSH” case. To us, “RUSH” is not a “four-letter word.”

We love to talk cases and there is never a fee for initial consultation/discussion.

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