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Os Baldessari


Physical Therapist

Os (pronounced Oz) is a licensed physical therapist in the states of Colorado and Nevada.  He has served as an expert witness since 2013.  He is Credentialled in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT); is a Certified Conditioning and Strength Training Specialist (CSTS); and is Credentialled in administering Functional Capacity Evaluations (CFCE).

The Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) Os has completed in numerous states since 1999 have assessed individuals with a wide range of diagnoses.  Clients that have suffered significant traumatic brain injuries, missing digits, crushed extremities, internal organ damage, and serious spinal derangements have had evaluations determining the level of function the individual can achieve.

Os is short for Osvaldo, a popular name in Argentina.  Having grown up in a home rich with Argentine culture and cooking, it is surprising that Os was not overweight as a child.  He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys soccer, although he is much better at speaking Spanish than playing soccer.  Many of his FCEs have been conducted in Spanish, and he comfortably treats clients in his physical therapy practice that only speak Spanish.

Over the last couple of decades, Os has been contracted to review medical records, assess treatments rendered by other physical therapists, and study video of an individual’s function.  On rare occasions he has been called upon as an expert witness to evaluate an accident that was caught on video.  He specializes in biomechanical analysis, discovering the nature of movement abnormalities, and diagnosing the neuromuscular impact of derangements.

In 2013, Os was selected by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Worker’s Compensation to participate in a Task Force for the development of Low Back Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines and Cervical Spine Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines based on the latest medical research findings.  The latest iteration of the guidelines can be found on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Worker’s Compensation website.

Os earned his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University.  He fenced epee for the Buckeyes before fencing internationally and represented the United States on occasion.  After participating in the U.S. Olympic Festival, he was accepted to the College of Saint Catherine’s Master of Physical Therapy program.  He passed his licensure exam in 1997 and has been practicing without interruption since that time.  He left corporate physical therapy in 2004 to start his own outpatient rehabilitation clinic and has several locations in Denver.


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