• The Need for Transparency in Life Care Plans

    Life Care Plans have become a popular way to present alleged damages in personal injury cases and cases involving claims of injury in medical negligence cases. Too frequently, however, life care plans fail the “transparency test,” placing the admissibility of the expert’s opinion in jeopardy. In turn, this can expose the life care planner and […]

  • Damages

    DAMAGES You know what they are. We know how to evaluate them: * Past lost income; * Future lost earning capacity; * Past medical bills; * Future medical and non-medical care expenses; * Lost ability to perform household services; * Earning capacity evaluations; * Life Care Plans. After over 10,000 cases and more than 30 […]

  • Life Care Planning Made Simple

    What is a Life Care Plan? Stated simply, a Life Care Plan is a document that will set forth an individual’s future medical and non-medical care needs arising from the event in question. The following must be considered when doing a Life Care Plan: A life care planner should be certified. There are two certifications […]

  • Lost Income vs. Lost Earning Capacity

    Claims involving personal injury will usually include claims for lost income and lost (diminished) earning capacity. Lost income is commonly defined as income lost from the date of the event continuing through the date that the evaluation is done or, in some jurisdictions, the date of Trial. Lost (diminished) earning capacity considers these economic losses […]