Catastrophic Case Evaluation

Robert H. Taylor and other members of our staff at Vocational Diagnostics Inc. have been involved in catastrophic case evaluation and case management for over 30 years. In this capacity, we are closely involved with families, physicians, therapists, and other persons and entities who are interested in case outcomes.

Case management services can be provided in non-litigated cases at the request of fiduciaries, claims professionals, and families interested in maximizing the functional outcome of a person with a disability.

If our firm is involved in a case in an expert witness capacity, the Codes of Ethics of our professional associations and credentialing bodies do not allow the firm to simultaneously provide case management services due to issues involving dual relationships, although recommendations can certainly be made. Our staff will be happy to coordinate the retention of another qualified case manager employed by another firm in the event that our staff is serving in an expert witness capacity. Once the litigated case has come to an end, our team in Phoenix, AZ may serve in the role of case manager to implement the life care planning or other medical and non-medical recommended services.

Our staff has been providing case management services, in some instances to the same catastrophically-injured individual, since the firm was founded in 1984.

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