Vocational Assessment Services

Comprehensive Services to Meet All Your Needs

At Vocational Diagnostics Inc., we provide a comprehensive array of services to meet the needs of our clients. For more than three decades, our expert team has been proud to uphold an impeccable reputation as we handle cases throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Whether you are part of the plaintiff or defense, trust us to offer the unbiased, quality evaluation and management that you need and deserve!

Our services include the following:

  • Expert witness testimony: From personal injury cases to those involving labor and employment, we can provide an expert witness testimony to support and defend opinions for your case.
  • Earning capacity evaluations: Utilizing an ECE can determine the plaintiff's ability to work and earn wages prior to and following the event that is the subject of litigation.
  • Life care planning: Through our life care planning services, we can provide an organized and concise plan for current and future needs, including associated costs for those who suffered a catastrophic injury or have chronic care needs.
  • Medical record review: Our nurse consultants are able to review, summarize, and analyze medical and other healthcare provider records to provide a comprehensive report.
  • Catastrophic case evaluation/management: By working closely with families, medical providers, therapists, and other parties, we can help you achieve the outcome you need.
  • Vocational rehabilitation services: Our staff of vocational rehabilitation experts provides services to both recipients of benefits through disability compensation systems and the general public.
  • Pediatric case evaluation: We can address a variety of pediatric issues including future care needs, creating a life care plan, and conducting an earning capacity evaluation.

With our unique level of expertise in the field and an extensive range of services offered, we are the place to go for cases ranging from catastrophic personal injury to divorce and family law. Let us begin working for you as soon as possible. If you are in the Boulder or Denver area, or anywhere else nationwide, call us at (800) 444-4834!